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Closeout Music Hall MMF 2.2

Audiophile turntable

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  • Description

The Music Hall mmf-2.2 turntable is a two speed belt driven audiophile turntable at a budget price. The construction of the mmf-2.2 has been simplified to focus on the critical music making components; the main bearing, motor, and arm. It is constructed using high quality components and comes complete with the cartridge mounted.

• gorgeous high gloss piano black lacquer finish
• special vibration damping feet
• one piece alloy tonearm for superb tracking ability
• low noise fully manual belt drive design
• high precision stainless steel and bronze bearing assembly
• bearing provides ultra quiet fluid operation
• separately isolated asynchronous motor
• two speed (33/45 rpm) pulley
• music hall tracker moving magnet phono cartridge
• user replaceable elliptical stylus
• cartridge is mounted and properly aligned
• alloy platter and felt mat
• excellent instruction manual
• quick and easy to assemble
• high quality gold rca connectors
• dust cover and 45rpm adaptor