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Closeout Arcam rLink

Coax / optical DAC

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The rLink is an affordable, discreet and easy way to upgrade the sound quality of almost any digital audio source. When the rLink is connected between the digital output of an audio device and a high quality audio system your music benefits from Arcam’s superior digital to analogue conversion bringing improvements in resolution, realism and a greater musical enjoyment while retaining the full functionality of your favourite devices.

Arcam have engineered the rLink to be a simple, “plug and play” device. Simply connect either an optical or coaxial cable from the digital output of your device and a pair of analogue cables from the rLink to your HiFi system then switch on and enjoy!

The rLink is the perfect upgrade for set-top boxes, media streamers, game stations and computers.It also offers a simple and effective upgrade for older CD players, DAB radio tuners and a whole host of other digital audio devices.

• Audiophile grade Digital to Analogue Converter
• Optical & Coaxial inputs
• PCM 5102 24bit DAC
• Simple “plug and play” installation
• Discreet size and styling
• High-end audio circuitry and components
• High Quality Cast Aluminium casework